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being alone, it can be quite romantic

like jacques cousteau underneath the atlantic

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"quiet midwestern aplomb", 1893 world's columbian exposition, 1920s-1940s, 1960s, 30 rock, agent ribbons, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland, amy poehler, amélie, andrew bird, anna karina, aristocratic languor, arrested development, art crawl!, art deco, astaire/rogers musicals, audrey hepburn, bertie wooster-isms, bizarre victorian lungs disease, blur, bogart/bacall, bonnie & clyde '67, bride of frankenstein hair, brigette barrager, bright young people, british comedy, buddy holly, buffy+angel+firefly, buster keaton, camille rose garcia, carole lombard, carson ellis, cary grant, circus & sideshow history, classic film, claudette colbert, colleen moore, comedy husband john oliver, complex motherfuckers, contrast in all things, crushing on fictional characters, dame darcy, daria, doom-tinged frivolity, dr. mary malone, dry mordant wit, eccentricities, edward gorey, ellen josephine hickle, facial asymmetry, fake-news-funtime-jamboree-hour, farscape, fawn gehweiler, fictional new york, flappers, forearms!, franny & zooey, george harrison, ghost world, graham coxon, gregory peck, hark! a vagrant, harriet the spy, his dark materials, hollywood in the fifties, hot-young-men-and-cursing, i capture the castle, i love lucy, ichabod crane: girl detective, illustration and graphic design, impeccable art direction, introversion & you, jacqueline kennedy, jane eyre, janet klein, jazz on my face, jim henson, jimmy stewart's right eyebrow, joanna newsom, jobyna ralston, julian barratt's squishy middle, karen elson, kristen schaal, late 1950s-early 1960s americana, lee pace's freckly shoulders, letters & journals, mabel normand, maira kalman, maria bamford, marion davies, mary blair, meat cake, mid-20th century fashion photography, mitford sisters especially decca, morbid humor for children, moulin rouge!, neko case, nostalgia steeped in nostalgia, oh rob!, oingo boingo, outsider girls, overcrowded bookshelves, parks & recreation, passionate cinematic embraces, pete and pete, psychologically i'm very confused, radiohead, rasputina, reticent englishmen, roman holiday, sarah vowell, screwball comedy, shy introverted performers, silent film, sixties girl groups, skinny-men-in-brown-suits, sofia coppola, spaced, st. vincent, suburban gothic, sunset boulevard, swinging london, sylvia plath, tavi as inspirational guru, television by bryan fuller, the beatles, the hour, the mighty boosh, the penny dreadfuls, the philadelphia story, the royal tenenbaums, the white stripes, the x-files, thom yorke, tim burton, tim walker, tina fey, tish you spoke french!, twiggy & jean shrimpton, unnecessary visual detail, uppercase magazine, vampira, velvet underground, vertigo & rear window, vicarious thrills, vintage disneyland, wes anderson, women of mad men
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